Sunday July 22, 2007

Posted by Mike Cargal

I've replaced the header photo (that I found before we left), with a panorama I took looking back over Alask Basin after climbing out.

Tuesday July 17, 2007

Posted by Mike Cargal

OK, I have finally finished correcting the exposure and selecting photos from the pictures I took. I'm currently running a build of the web site from those results, and will begin uploading once that build finishes (probably tomorrow morning).

I've heard some feedback on the slideshow component I'm using, so I may switch that out soon. But first I want to go through and comment each of the pictures.

Saturday July 14, 2007

Posted by Mike Cargal

I've put the scripting together to produce the slideshows for each day.

I have not completed exposure/color correction for all of the pictures so many will be overexposed, etc. I will be correcting that over the next days, and will be adding comments to the pictures.

I'd like to put a small "highlights" slideshow on each day's page, but haven't selected the "highlight" picures. If you have suggestions, please post in the forum and I'll try to take your suggestions into account when putting it together.

Some explanation on using the slideshows:

  • on the left and right you'll see translucent arrows you can click to go the the next or previous slide without waiting
  • if you hover over a slide, you'll see a translucent lightbulb. Click on it to go to the full image of that picture. This page will show the picture in full resolution along with camera details stored in the file. You can click on the picture to pull up a page with just the picture (it will allow you to swap between the full picture and full resolution(which may require scrolling))
  • in the top right corner, you'll see the word "pictures". If you click on it, a scrolling region of all the pictures in that slide show will drop down for you to go directly to any particular picture.

Sunday July 8, 2007

Posted by Mike Cargal

I've started the process of updating the site to document the hike. I'll be posting updates over the next days (weeks?) so come back often.

As I make updates, I'll include descriptions of the updates here and will let you know when the site is completed.

What's here now?

Posted by Mike Cargal (prior to trip)

For now, I've been busy mapping the trail for my GPS, and exploring the trail on Google Earth. If you'd like to explore the trail on Google earth, download it (if you don't already have it installed.

Once you have Google Earth installed, you can explore it for yourself

Garmin .gdb file

Posted by Mike Cargal

I have the route traced for my GPS.

Click here to download.

Links not working

Posted by Mike Cargal

The links to explore the hike through Google Earth, and to download the gdb file are not working. My hosting company's web servers aren't serving up *.kmz, or *.gdb files at this time. I understand that they are looking into enabling those file types, and when they do, the links should work (the files are there).

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