What did we cover Day 1?

Posted by Mike Cargal

We were assigned group campsites, so our plan to make it to Marion Lake did not pan out. This map shows the area covered on the first day, approximately 6.6 miles.

If you find yourself looking for this group campsite, GPS coordinates are N43 36.980 W110 52.629 (Elevation 7889 ft.)

In retrospect, it would have been VERY difficult to make it all the way to Marion Lake the first day.

Here's what it looks like from Google Earth.

Google Earth Preview

Posted by Mike Cargal

Day 1 Start

Looking up Granite Canyon

Day 1 alternate

Alternate path at top of Granite Canyon

To Marion Lake

Trail leading to Marion Lake

Marion Lake

Looking down on Marion Lake

Close up

Closer look at Marion Lake

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